3.3 Sharing iFolders Through iFolder Enterprise Server

In the following example, Ulrik owns an iFolder named Denmark and shares it via his iFolder enterprise account with Nigel, Luc, and Alice. Nigel travels frequently, so he also sets up the iFolder on his laptop. iFolder members can upload and download files from the Denmark iFolder from anywhere, using the iFolder Web Access server. In addition, Alice shares a non-work iFolder with her friend Ulrik. In this example, an asterisk next to the folder name indicates the iFolder owner.

Figure 3-1 Collaboration and Sharing with iFolder

The iFolder client synchronizes the most recent version of documents to all authorized users of your shared iFolder. All that you and other iFolder members need is an active network connection and the iFolder client. With an enterprise server, your iFolders are stored centrally where they are easily accessed by all iFolder members in a multi-server environment.