10.11 All iFolders in an Account Fail to Synchronize

If all iFolders in an account fail to synchronize, consider the following possible causes:

  • You are not logged in to the iFolder account.

    Click the iFolder Services icon to display the iFolder client window. Select the account that you want to connect to from the iFolder Accounts list and click Connect.

  • The account is disabled on the client side; that is, the Automatically connect parameter is disabled.

    Click the iFolder Services icon, select Account Settings, select the account, select Properties, then select Automatically connect.

  • The server is down or your account is disabled on the server side. Contact your iFolder administrator for assistance.

  • Your firewall is blocking iFolder traffic. For information to resolve this problem, see Section 7.7, Configuring Local Firewall Settings for iFolder Traffic.

  • Your network connection is down. Check your local network settings.