10.14 Repopulating Contents of a Read Only iFolder

If you modify files in an iFolder where you have only Read Only rights, the changes are not synchronized to the server. To restore the file to its previous state, you need to re-download the iFolder contents from the server.

To download the contents in an iFolder where you have Read Only rights:

  1. In the iFolder browser, right-click the iFolder, then select Revert This iFolder to a Normal Folder.

  2. In your file manager, locate and delete the local copy of the folder or save the files to a new location.

    You move or delete the old folder only if you plan to re-create the iFolder in the same location. This is necessary because iFolder does not allow you to download an iFolder if another iFolder or normal folder exists with the same name in the target directory.

  3. In the iFolder browser, select the iFolder from the list of available iFolders for that account, click Download an iFolder, then specify a location on your computer where you want to create the iFolder.

  4. Allow the iFolder directories and files to download from the server to your local iFolder.