3.1 Novell iFolder 3.8

Novell iFolder 3.8 delivers all the benefits of earlier iFolder versions and adds new features for greater productivity and flexibility for managing files securely in a collaborative environment.

NOTE:Your administrator must configure Novell iFolder 3.8 services. For more information, see the Novell iFolder 3.8 Administration Guide.

Enterprise Server

The iFolder enterprise server provides central storage, synchronization, and backup of files in your local iFolders. It allows local files to automatically follow you everywhere—online, offline, all the time—across computers. You simply save your files locally, as you have always done. The client automatically updates your iFolders’ local files to the iFolder enterprise server, which delivers them to other user computers that share the iFolders.

Web Access Server

For mobile users, the Web Access server provides anywhere, anytime access to your iFolder files on the iFolder enterprise server. All you need is a Web browser and an Internet or network connection.