2.17 Backing Up the iFolder Server

Backing up the iFolder user data and configuration data should be done regularly. The backup media should be stored in a secure offsite facility.

During backup and restore, the iFolder data itself is not encrypted. If the iFolder store and the backup media are on different computers, use SSL to transfer data between the computers. It is not necessary to use SSL if the iFolder store and backup media are on the same computer.

For information, see the following in the Novell iFolder 3.7 Administration Guide:

For sensitive data, use one of the following methods to encrypt the data backup:

If you transport and store media offsite, use a company that specializes in media shipment and storage. This way, your tapes are tracked via bar codes, stored in environmentally friendly conditions, and are handled by a company whose reputation rests on its ability to handle your media properly.