B.14 Possible Slowed Performance With ZoneAlarm 4.5 or Earlier

You might observe extremely slow performance on your Windows computer when the iFolder client runs if you are using ZoneAlarm* and attempt to access folders using Windows Explorer. ZoneAlarm 4.5 and earlier for Windows blocks the shell extensions installed with the iFolder client on Windows, which results in a severe slowdown. This is not an issue for ZoneAlarm 5.0 and later.

If you are using ZoneAlarm 4.5 or earlier on Windows, do the following to allow the iFolder client’s shell extensions to work properly:

  1. Double-click the ZoneAlarm icon to bring up the Zone Labs Control Center.

  2. Select the Program Control tab (on the left).

  3. Scroll down the list, select Windows Explorer, then click Options.

  4. Deselect (disable) Enable Privacy for This Program, then click OK.

    Zone Alarm Program Options Dialog Box