9.2 Creating a New iFolder

You can create a new iFolder from the Home page. Perform the following steps to create a new iFolder:

  1. Click the New iFolder link given in the Home page.

  2. In the new page that opens, specify the following information:

    Name: Assign a name to the iFolder, such as myfolder.

    IMPORTANT:When you attempt to create an iFolder whose name exceeds the file limit supported by the iFolder server file system, it throws an error message that reads “The name of the iFolder is too long to be created".

    Description: A short description of the iFolder.

    Type: select the type of the iFolder that you want to create.

    Encrypted: Select this option to encrypt your iFolder and the files within it.This option is not enabled until your Admin set your encryption policy to On.

    Regular: Select Sharable to share your iFolder with other iFolder accounts.Shared iFolders cannot be encrypted and encrypted ones cannot be shared.

  3. Select the Recovery agent from the drop-down list.

    This option will not be available if your iFolder Administrator does not select Enable Recovery agent option while configuring the iFolder server. Unless you have set your Recovery agent, the encrypted data cannot be recovered in the unfortunate case that you lost the passphrase.

  4. When you are prompted to accept the certificate, review the certificate information, then click OK to set the passphrase successfully.

  5. Type the passphrase in the Enter Passphrase field.

  6. Click Create to complete the new iFolder creation.Click Cancel to cancel the operation.