A.1 Before You Uninstall iFolder

Ensure the Simias data store is backed up before an uninstall, so that it can be restored during any unknown corruption of the Simias database during an upgrade or re-install of the new client. Simias data store is not deleted during an uninstall, it should be manually removed if a clean uninstall is required. The Simias data store path for Linux is \<home directory>\.local\share subdirectory and for Windows is C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\simias directory. Removal of the Simias data store doesn't affect any of the data in the folder that was converted to iFolder.

IMPORTANT:Before upgrading your 3.4.1 client, you must take the backup of your local simias store. If you don’t take the backup, you will lose all configuration information from the computer as it deletes the simias store when upgrade fails.