9.1 Logging In

Log in to Novell iFolder 3.7 Web Access to gain access to folders and files in any of your iFolders available to you in your Novell iFolder enterprise server account. This includes iFolders that you participate in but have not set up on a local computer. (You cannot access 2.x iFolders with Web Access.) The enterprise server specified in the URL authenticates your username against the server’s LDAP directory services.

You can also specify which of the supported localized interfaces to use. This is typically the Language Code of the iFolder enterprise server. Make sure to configure your browser’s Languages setting to support the desired language.

  1. On the iFolder 3.7 Web Access Login page, specify the username and password for your account.

  2. Use the Languages drop-down list to specify which language you want to use to access your files.

  3. Click OK.

This login gives you access only to those iFolders in the same domain as the server you specified in the URL. To log in to a different server, enter its server’s URL in your Web browser, then log in.