9.7 Viewing Details

Click Details to view the iFolder properties of the selected iFolder. You can also edit the description you have provided when the iFolder was created. You can view the following iFolder properties:

Table 9-3 iFolder details



Name (view only)

The name assigned to the iFolder.


A short description of the iFolder.

To edit the iFolder description, click Edit. In the new page that opens, type the new description in the Description field and click Save.

To cancel the changes made, click Cancel.

Last modified (view only)

Displays the last modified time of the iFolder when it was last modified by any user.

Created (view only)

Displays the date when the iFolder was created.

Access (view only)

Displays the username of the iFolder member who is currently accessing the iFolder.

Owner (view only)

Displays the username for the iFolder owner.This is the full distinguished name of the iFolder owner.

Size (view only)

Displays the size of the iFolder.

Members (view only)

Reports the total number of iFolder users belong to the iFolder.

Files (view only)

Displays the total number of files in this iFolder.

Folders (view only)

Displays the total number of folders in this iFolder.

Locked (view only)

Shows whether iFolder synchronization is enabled or not. If the iFolder Admin set the iFolder synchronization to enabled, the value for Locked is No. If it is set to disabled, the value for Locked is Yes.