8.9 “Page not found” Error on a Windows Server

If your server is running multiple Web sites, the iManager installation program selects the first site that meets its criteria, mostly likely the default Web site that uses port 80. If you want iManager to run from a different Web site, you need to create a virtual directory on the desired Web site.

  1. From Control Panel > Administration Tools > Computer Management, click Services and Applications > Internet Information Services in the left-hand navigation frame.

  2. Select the Web site icon that you want to configure for iManager.

  3. From the Action menu, select New > Virtual Directory.

  4. In the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard, type jakarta in the Alias box.

  5. In the Directory box, browse to the ISAPI redirector directory, which is found in the Tomcat home directory (\bin\win32\1386) and click OK.

  6. For access permissions, select Read, Run scripts (such as ASP), Execute (such as ISAPI applications or CGI) and Write.

  7. Click Next to create the virtual directory and return to the Computer Manager window.

  8. In the left-hand frame, select the Default Web Site > jakarta, then delete jakarta.

    iManager creates this jarkarta directory. If this Web site does not contain the jakarta directory, browse the other Web sites until you find the one with the jakarta directory.