8.0 Email Printing

iPrint Appliance contains an email printing feature. Using email printing, you can print documents from any device capable of sending emails. You can print emails by specifying email printing commands in the subject line of the email. You can also print documents by emailing them to your printer as attachments.

When you enable email printing, the email address you provide becomes the global print email address. You can also configure a printer for private email printing by providing a specific email address to each printer.

NOTE:To enable private email printing, you must first enable the email printing feature.

The difference between global email printing and private email printing is:

Email printing is not enabled by default. You can enable email printing through the Management Console. You must create a unique email address for iPrint Appliance to receive and process print requests.

WARNING:You must create an exclusive email account to be used for iPrint Appliance. If you provide an existing email address (for example, your official email address), the iPrint Appliance mobile server immediately starts processing all existing emails in the inbox, replies to every mail with a response, then deletes all the received emails.