14.0 Monitoring iPrint Appliance Performance with Ganglia

Ganglia is a scalable, distributed monitoring system that allows you to gather important metric data about the performance of your iPrint Appliance. The default metrics that you can monitor are processor, disk, load, memory, network, and process.

Ganglia is not enabled by default. To monitor iPrint Appliance using Ganglia, you must enable Ganglia Configuration in the Appliance System Configuration page of the iPrint Appliance Management Console. For information in how to enable Ganglia Configuration, see Section 9.5, Ganglia Configuration.

To view Ganglia monitoring of your iPrint Appliance system:

  1. On a Web browser, use either the DNS name or the IP address to access the Management Console. For example, or http://iprint.example.com/admin.

  2. Click the Ganglia icon.

    An overview of all the nodes in the cluster, including information such as processor utilization, memory, load, and so forth is displayed.

  3. In the Grid-Node drop-down list, select a node that you want to monitor.


    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click a node to get server information for your iPrint Appliance.

For information about how to configure Ganglia for your environment, including changing from multicast mode to unicast mode, see Section 9.5, Ganglia Configuration.