2.1 Creating a Team Workspace

Julio has already created his personal workspace and visited the team workspaces where he is already a member. He decides that it would accelerate productivity to create a team workspace where he and Anne, his co-author on the project, can brainstorm, share ideas, post rough drafts, share files, post deadlines, and make their progress visible to their manager, Karl Jones. They can even hold online, real-time meetings when they use Teaming 2.0 in conjunction with Conferencing.

  1. To create a team workspace, Julio expands Home Workspace in the Workspace Tree Navigation tool, located near the top of the Teaming interface.

  2. He selects Team Workspaces.

  3. Then he clicks Add a team workspace.

  4. He provides a title for the workspace.

  5. He specifies the team members. Julio is automatically a member of the team, so he starts typing his manager’s name, Karl Jones, and selects Karl’s name from the list. He then types Anne Thompson, and selects her name.

  6. Julio selects the folders that he wants his team workspace to contain. He adds a File folder where team members can upload pertinent files. If he decides later that his team would benefit from additional folders, he can add those at any time.

  7. He announces the team workspace so Anne and Karl know it’s available, and he explains some of the reasoning behind it. He selects the Announcement check box and adds the desired text to the Announcement text field.

  8. He clicks OK to save his changes.

    The team workspace has now been created, and an announcement message has been sent to the team members.