3.6 Configuring a Folder to Send E-Mail or Text Message Notifications

Julio wants every member of the team to be aware of the Discussion folder that he recently added to the team workspace. To help team members be aware of new discussion entries, Julio wants to automatically send team members a notification at the end of each day, listing all of the entries that were added to the folder that day. By doing this, Julio hopes that team members who are not currently participating in the Discussion folder in Teaming will begin to participate.

As the folder owner, Julio has rights to configure the folder to suit team members’ needs.

  1. Julio navigates to the folder.

  2. He clicks Manage > E-mail Settings.

  3. Julio selects the type of e-mail notification that he wants team members to receive.

  4. He selects Team Members, then clicks Apply > Close.

    Now team members who spend time working at home can see the new discussion entries that have been added, and they’ll be sure not to miss a thing.

Ida, however, actively participates in the Discussion folder while she is at work, and does not want to be notified about the new entries each night, so she overrides the configuration setting that Julio implemented.

  1. Ida navigates to the folder where she wants to override the higher-level notification settings.

  2. She selects E-mail Notification.

  3. Ida ensures that no e-mail address is selected.

  4. She selects Disable notifications set by administrator.

  5. She clicks OK.

Now Ida will not receive an e-mail each night notifying her of all of the entries that were added to the folder that day.