Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.8

March 15, 2013

1.0 Before You Install or Upgrade

Before you start installing or upgrading to Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.8, review the information in the following sections:

1.1 Recommendation

Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.8 was developed to address a very minor security vulnerability that takes place while the product is being installed. In comparison to Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7, there are no new features in Version 2.8. If you are currently running Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7, we recommend that you do not upgrade to Version 2.8.

1.2 What’s New

You are now required to provide an X.509 certificate signed by a well-known certificate authority. The certificate must be in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format and must be installed in the appropriate secured location where the Kanaka engine is running. For detailed information please see the Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.8 documentation.

1.3 Known Issues

Because of the new certificate requirement, previous versions of Kanaka client components are no longer compatible with the 2.8 Engine. Likewise, 2.8 client components are not compatible with a legacy Kanaka Engine.

This means that you cannot simply upgrade one component to 2.8. In order to assure complete functionality between all components, you must upgrade all of them.

1.4 Bug Fixes

ID Number



Users with expired passwords no longer get different experiences during login.


Kanaka "ProxyHome" no longer gives unwanted rights to everyone if set incorrectly.


Users are now automatically indexed based on index containers.