Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7.3

March 2015

1.0 About Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7.3

Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7.3 is an engineering maintenance release that fixes a known bug.

IMPORTANT:As of December 31, 2014, Novell discontinued Extended Support for Open Enterprise Server 2. As a result, the components located in the sles10 folder of the Novell Kanaka for Mac 2.7.3 ISO are included as a courtesy for Open Enterprise Server 2 customers who have not yet upgraded to a supported version of Open Enterprise Server. These components are not supported, and their inclusion is not an indication that they are supported.

Novell Kanaka for Mac will continue to support Open Enterprise Server 2 as a target for user and collaborative storage.

2.0 Security Update

2.1 FREAK Vulnerability

This build addresses the OpenSSL FREAK vulnerability. For more information, see

3.0 Bug Fixes

3.1 Kanaka Plug-In

Client Connections Exhaust Engine Threads

During the TLS handshake, a timeout or error condition in the Kanaka Plug-in could cause the Kanaka Engine to exhaust its maximum number of incoming threads. This resulted in the Engine being unable to accept new connections and required a restart of the Engine service for clients to connect again.