Open Enterprise Server 2023 Support for Kanaka for Mac 3.2

October 13, 2022

1.0 AFP Removal

AFP having been deprecated in OES 2018, is now completely removed in OES 2023. AFP shares on an upgraded OES 2023 will have to be converted to CIFS, while any remaining AFP shares on OES 2018 will continue to function if the deprecated AFP is installed. We recommend moving all legacy AFP shares to CIFS.

2.0 Prerequisites

The following dependencies are required to run the Kanaka Engine on OES 2023.

  • OES NCP Server pattern

  • Java

  • OpenSSL

3.0 Service Issues

The current version of Kanaka 3.2 can be used on OES 2023 with caveats. The next release will support OES 2023 natively. The following Legacy Module repositories are required to run the current version.

  • OES2023-SLE-Module-Legacy15-SP4-Pool

  • OES2023-SLE-Module-Legacy15-SP4-Updates

4.0 Recommended Installation Steps

  1. Install OES 2023 with OES NCP Server package and configure.

  2. Set up Software Repositories for OES 2023 including the legacy module repositories listed above.

  3. Download Kanaka 3.2 from SLD site.

  4. Use "zypper install ./microfocus-kanaka-engine-3.2.x-x.x86_64.rpm", to install and satisfy all the necessary dependencies. (Instead of the documented “rpm -i” method.)

    Note: The current package header is not signed, it will need to be ignored to continue.

  5. Follow the Kanaka for Mac 3.2 Installation and Administration documentation for configuration.

5.0 Future Release

A future Kanaka version will be created to support Open Enterprise Server 2023 without the need for legacy modules.