6.3 Configuring the Kanaka Plug-In

You must configure the Kanaka Plug-in so it can communicate with the server hosting the Kanaka Engine.

  1. Run the Kanaka Utility by selecting Applications > Kanaka.

  2. Enter local Administrator’s credentials for the Mac in order to continue, and click Modify Configuration.

  3. Click + to add a server.

    In this case, the Kanaka Engine host server.

  4. Specify the address of the Kanaka Engine server by DNS name or IP address.

  5. Specify the port used to communicate with the Kanaka Engine service.

    By default, this is 3089.

  6. Click Save and when prompted again, enter local Administrator’s credentials.

  7. Open the Directory Utility application.

  8. Click Search Policy and confirm that /Kanaka/Auth is listed under Directory Domains.

    If it is not, continue with the steps below to add the Kanaka search path.

  9. (Conditional) Click the Lock icon to enable you to make changes.

    1. In Search Path select Custom Path.

    2. Click +.

    3. From the Available Directory Domains, select /Kanaka/Auth.

  10. Click Apply and close the Directory Utility.

    The Kanaka Plug-in should now be available for use.