2.5 Kanaka Desktop Client

The Kanaka Desktop Client is the sensible connectivity option for users who require access to network storage resources, but are not required to authenticate to eDirectory each time they log in through macOS. Users who already have local accounts, for example, might prefer this option because it does not require a process to convert their local account to a network account, which is required with the Kanaka Plug-in.

Additionally, the Kanaka Desktop Client is ideal for macOS users who are on the go and often connect to the organization’s network via VPN. Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac allows you to first log in to your organization’s VPN and then use the Kanaka Desktop Client to access your network storage.

2.5.1 Authentication and Storage Mounting via the Kanaka Desktop Client

The process for authenticating to eDirectory begins with entering your eDirectory username and password in the Kanaka Desktop Client login window:

Figure 2-6 The Kanaka Desktop Client