11.2 Cluster Volumes

To attach to a cluster volume, you need to set an alias in the afpvols.conf file in the /etc/opt/novell/afptcpd directory. The contents of the file follow.

This file describes information required to rename and export NSS volumes through the AFP server. If the EXPORT_ALL_VOLUMES configuration option is set to Yes, the information provided in this file is not used to export volumes through AFP server. The information provided is used only to rename AFP volumes.


CURRENT_NAME [new_vol]


CURRENT_NAME is the volume name as seen on the Finder in Mac. new_vol is the new volume name.

Use a new line for each volume to be renamed.

Example 1: export data volume on server


Example 2: rename img volume on serverA to Graphics

serverA.img Graphics

Renaming volumes for clusters:

All shared volumes in a cluster needs to be renamed to the same volume name in order for a cluster to be transparent to the user. For example, if your cluster has 2 servers serverA and serverB and they share 2 volumes, vol1 and vol2, then each server needs to have an afpvols.conf file that renames the volumes to a common volume name that the user will see in the Finder. Then the AFP user will use the same volume name to mount the shared volume and will not know or care whether it's using serverA or serverB.

Example 3: Renaming cluster volumes

afpvols.conf for serverA:

serverA.vol1 sharedVol1

serverA.vol2 sharedVol2

afpvols.conf for serverB

serverB.vol1 sharedVol1

serverB.vol2 sharedVol2