5.0 Installing and Configuring the Engine

The Kanaka Plug-in and Kanaka Desktop Client have four basic needs for interacting with the Open Enterprise Server network infrastructure:

  • Authenticating the user to eDirectory

  • Retrieving information and interacting with eDirectory

  • Retrieving information from the Open Enterprise Server file system

  • Providing access to the Open Enterprise Server file system

All of these are accomplished via the Kanaka Engine, which you install and set up by following the procedures in this section.

IMPORTANT:You can have multiple Kanaka Engines in the same eDirectory tree. To do so, you must select or create a separate Kanaka proxy object for each server instance in Step 2 of the Setup Wizard.

This is important because each instance of a Kanaka Engine sets a different password for its Kanaka proxy object. If you use the same Kanaka proxy object for each Kanaka Engine, upon completion of the Setup Wizard, the new instance of the Kanaka Engine overwrites the current password for the object in eDirectory. This results in failures to perform operations for the Kanaka Engine instance that was initially configured for the proxy object.

NOTE:Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac does not support clusters, but you can install two engines with identical configurations and then add both servers to the macOS Directory Utility when you configure the Kanaka Plug-in.