8.1 Kanaka Plug-In

When your eDirectory password expires and you have the Kanaka Plug-in installed on your Mac, you are prompted at login time to change your password. The Kanaka Plug-in does not honor grace logins set by ConsoleOne or Universal Password policies, and requires you to enter a new password immediately.

Figure 8-1 Kanaka Plug-In Password Change Dialog Box

8.1.1 Kanaka Plug-In Console

While you are logged into the network, the Kanaka Plug-in Console periodically checks for your password to expire and notifies you exactly five days before it expires.

Figure 8-2 Kanaka Plug-In Console with Password Expiration Information

To change your password, click Change Password in the toolbar.

Figure 8-3 Changing a Password through the Kanaka Plug-In Console