3.1 Enabling Native File Access and Protocols

Novell Kanaka for Mac enables communication between Macs and Novell eDirectory through either AFP (Apple File Protocol) or CIFS/SMB (Common Internet File System/Server Message Block).

When you enable either of these protocols, you subsequently enable Novell Native File Access, allowing Mac users to do several things:

  • Access files on the network

  • Map network drives

  • Create shortcuts to the servers

IMPORTANT:Novell Kanaka for Mac adds considerable functionality to Mac OS X connected systems through Novell Native File Access. Native File Access must be configured on each server that a Mac with either the Kanaka Plug-in or the Kanaka Desktop Client might want to connect to. This includes servers with user home directories as well as servers with collaborative storage folders.

The native protocols allow Mac users to perform the following tasks on the network as if they were working locally:

  • Create files

  • Open files

  • Move files

  • Save files

  • Copy files

  • Delete files