3.2 Determining Which Protocols to Enable

Novell Open Enterprise Server supports both the AFP and CIFS/SMB (listed simply as CIFS in the YaST Control Center interface) protocols.

NOTE:If you prefer, you can enable both AFP and CIFS on the same server.

3.2.1 AFP

AFP is Apple's network protocol solution to provide network file services for Mac OS X and classic Mac OS. Large numbers of Mac clients can mount a remotely located volume (file system) through AFP and use the files simultaneously.

For more information, including procedures for enabling AFP, see the Novell AFP for Linux Administration Guide.

3.2.2 CIFS

CIFS is a network file system plus a set of auxiliary services supported by underlying protocols. CIFS allows the sharing of directories, files, printers, and advertisement across a network. CIFS includes protocols for service announcement, naming, authentication, and authorization.

For more information, including procedures for enabling CIFS, see the Novell CIFS for Linux Administration Guide.