Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac 3.2 Installation and Administration Guide

  Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac 3.2 Installation and Administration Guide
    What’s New
      New in Version 3.2
      New in Version 3.1
      New in Version 3.0.1
      Installers and Executables
      Management Interface
      Kanaka Plug-In
      Kanaka Desktop Client
      Deciding Which Access Method to Use
      Enabling Native File Access and Protocols
      Determining Which Protocols to Enable
      Password Management
      Testing AFP or CIFS
      Generating Certificates
      Add a Firewall Exception (Conditional)
    Upgrading from Version 2.7, 2.8, 3.0, and 3.1 to 3.2
      Upgrade Considerations
      What Takes Place During an Upgrade
      Performing the Upgrade
    Installing and Configuring the Engine
      System Requirements
      Installing the Kanaka Engine
      Configuring the Engine
      Replacing the PEM File
    Installing the Plug-In and the Desktop Client
      Retrieving the Installation File
      Installing the Kanaka Plug-In
      Configuring the Kanaka Plug-In
      Installing the Kanaka Desktop Client
    Using the Kanaka Plug-In
    Using the Kanaka Desktop Client
      Storage Properties
      Home Directory
    eDirectory Password Expiration
      Kanaka Plug-In
      Kanaka Desktop Client
    Parsing eDirectory Login Scripts
      Login Script Overview
      Login Script Sample
      Storage Resources
      Cluster Volumes
      Collaborative Storage
      Proxy Home
      NetStorage Integration and Storage Location Objects
    Documentation Updates
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    Legal Notices