Configuring Novell Kerberos KDC

After installing Novell® Kerberos KDC, you need to configure it. This chapter guides you to configuring Novell Kerberos KDC.

Novell Kerberos KDC configuration primarily consists of the following steps:

  1. Configuring eDirectory for Novell Kerberos KDC

    In this step, import the trusted root certificate from Novell eDirectoryTM and extend the eDirectory schema.

  2. Modifying the Novell Kerberos KDC Configuration File

    In this step, change the Novell Kerberos KDC configuration file (krb5.conf) to include the configuration details such as, the realm name, DNs of the KDC and admin service objects, and path of the stashed passwords file for service objects.

  3. Configuring Novell Kerberos KDC Services

    In this step, create a realm, server objects, and the kadm5.acl file.

  4. Starting the Servers

    After completing the configuration, start the KDC, Administration, and Password servers.