Using Configuration Files to Preconfigure the Novell Client

The Novell Client for Linux allows you to apply preconfigured client settings contained in one or more configuration (.conf) files. This option works similar to the unattend file that can be used to configure the Novell Client for Windows (see Creating the Configuring File in the Novell Client for Windows Installation and Administration Guide for more information).

Preconfiguring the Novell Client for Linux requires the novell-client-conf.spec file and the make_novell-client-conf_rpm Bash script located in the /add-on/novell-client-conf subdirectory in the directory where you unarchived the Client download file.

  1. Create the preconfigured settings using the Novell Client Configuration Wizard.

    See Using the Novell Client Configuration Wizard.

  2. Copy the appropriate .conf files to the /add-on/novell-client-conf directory.

    Depending on the settings you preconfigured, copy one or more of the following files:

    Conf File Path and Name Configuration Settings


    Login settings


    Protocol settings


    File browser settings


    Novell Client Tray Application settings


    SLP configuration settings

  3. Run the make_novell-client-conf_rpm script to create a novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm file (for example, novell-client-conf-1.0.0-0.i586.rpm) using all of the .conf files contained in the /add-on/novell-client-conf directory.

    1. Make sure you are the root user.

    2. Enter the following in a terminal window:

      bash make_novell-client-conf_rpm

  4. Install the preconfigured settings contained in novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm using one of the following methods:

    • Install manually in a terminal window: Enter rpm -i novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm in a terminal window.

    • Install using the ncl_install script: When you launch the ncl_install script (located in /opt/novell/ncl/bin or in the directory where you unarchived the Client download file), it looks for novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm in the /add-on/novell-client-conf directory and adds it to the list of RPMs it installs as part of the Client.

    • Install with the Novell Client using YaST: Add the location of the newly created novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm to the list of Installation Sources in YaST (add a Local Directory in the Change Source of Installation option and point it to the directory containing novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm). When the YaST install runs, novell-client-conf-version_number.platform.rpm is added as one of the RPMs in the Novell Client selection.

      HINT:  The Novell Client configuration settings on a workstation can be updated at any time using the YaST method.

    The .conf files contained in the RPM are copied to the /etc/opt/novell/ncl directory, overwriting the files of the same name that already exist there. The installation then copies the slp.conf file to the /etc directory, overwriting that file as well.

    HINT:  Backup copies of the existing files are made in the same directory so that you can revert to the old files if you need to.