3.2 Setting Up Login Scripts

When a user successfully logs in to the network, one or more login scripts are executed that automatically set up the workstation environment. Login scripts are similar to batch files and are executed by Novell Login. You can use login scripts to map drives to Novell file system volumes and directories, display messages, set environment variables, and execute programs or menus.

Login scripts were originally created for use with the Novell Client for Windows. However, the Novell Client for Linux can take advantage of the majority of the functionality available in Windows. This means that the login scripts you created for Windows workstations can also be used with Linux workstations without modification, so you need to administer only one set of login scripts.

Because login scripts are very flexible and dynamic, offer a high degree of customization, and are cross-platform, you should customize the scripts to optimize workstation login to your network. For more information on setting up login scripts, see the Novell Login Scripts Guide.