4.0 Managing File Security

Novell® Open Enterprise Server (OES) and NetWare® networks restrict access to network files and folders based on user accounts. For example, a user connected to the network using the Administrator account can delete or rename a file that other users can only open and edit.

The Novell file system keeps track of the rights that users have to files and directories on the network. When users try to access any file on the network, Novell File Services (NFS) either grants access or prohibits certain things that users can do with the file.

It is important to note that Linux file rights do not correlate with NFS file rights. When you copy a file from a Linux workstation to a Novell server, the only right that is preserved is the Read-Only attribute. This also occurs if you copy files from one server to another using any method other than NCOPY at the command terminal.

For more information on the specific rights on NetWare and OES servers, see “File Services” in the Novell OES Planning and Implementation Guide.

For additional information on file system attributes, see the File Systems Management Guide for OES.

Rights are granted and revoked by creating trustee assignments. For more information, see Section 4.2, Changing Trustee Rights.

This section explains the following: