2.3 Server Side Configuration for Sending Messages from Client to Users and Groups

For server side configuration, you must ensure the following:

  • If user groups are created in a context other than the default context, then the context must be mentioned in the NDS configuration file /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf. For instance, if a user group is created in the context xyz (organization for example) but the default context for the tree is abc, then to search for the groups from Novell client, the eDir administrator must add the following line in the nds.conf file: n4u.nds.bindery-context=o=xyz

    You must ensure that the nds daemon is restarted after the changes to the config file is completed. To do this, issue the following command:

    rcndsd restart

    NOTE:You may specify upto 16 different contexts with n4u.nds.bindery-context. Each context must be separated by ";". For example, n4u.nds.bindery-context=o=xyz;ou=eng,o=acme.

  • When you send a message to a group using the nwsend command, you must specify only the groupname and not the FQDN of the groupname. For example, if a group named mygroup is created in context mycontext, then the mygroup groupname must be specified with the nwsend command instead of mygroup.mycontext.