2.6 Sending Messages to Users

Use the Send Message to User utility to send a simple message to users on the network. You can send the message to a single user or group or to multiple users or multiple groups of users. The message appears on the receiver's screen in a Message Popup dialog box. On your screen, the Send Message Results dialog box shows the results. Only users who are logged in at the time you send the message receive the message.

  1. Click Novell Client tray application icon > Novell Utilities > Send Message to User.

  2. Select a server to see a list of users and groups on that server, then click Select.

    Send Message to Users or Groups Dialog Box
  3. Type the message you want to send in the Enter message text field.

  4. Select the users or groups that you want to receive the message.

  5. Click Send.

    The Send Message Results dialog box shows which users or groups the message was sent to.

  6. Click OK, then click Close.