2.4 Salvaging Deleted Files

The Salvage utility lets you recover deleted files and directories from Novell file systems. Files that have been purged cannot be recovered.

IMPORTANT:You cannot salvage files or directories from an OES for Linux* Reiser volume.

  1. Click Novell Client tray application icon > Novell Utilities > Salvage Deleted Files.

  2. Select the folder where the files you want to recover are located, then click OK.

    Salvage Novell Directory Files Dialog Box
  3. Select the files you want to recover.

    To display files with 0 bytes, deselect Do not show 0 size files (selected by default). This refreshes the display to show all deleted files, no matter the size.

  4. Click Salvage File.

    To salvage all deleted files in the folder, click Salvage All.

  5. Click Close.