1.6 Modifying User Login Scripts from the N Menu

In addition to creating User login scripts in Novell iManager or ConsoleOne, you can also add user login scripts to User objects from the N menu in the system tray. This lets you customize the login script for the user that is currently logged in to the network, without running iManager or ConsoleOne.

IMPORTANT:On Linux workstations, the ability to edit login scripts is available only in the Novell Client for Linux 1.2 or later.

1.6.1 Modifying Login Scripts from the N Menu

Figure 1-2 Editing a Login Script from the N Menu

For example, users can add commands to their login scripts to map drives that they access frequently.

  1. Log in as the user you want to modify login scripts for.

  2. Right-click the N menu, then click User Administration for tree_name > Edit Login Script.

  3. Type the login script commands you want to add.

    For example, if you want to map drives, you would type

    MAP drive_letter:=\\server_name\path_to_volume

    For example:


  4. Click OK.

  5. Click Yes to save changes to the login script.

  6. Log in again to see the changes to your login script.