1.3 Common Login Script Commands

Login scripts are powerful and can execute many different commands that you might find useful. However, the most common use for login scripts is mapping drives on NetWare servers. The following are the most common commands:

  • MAP: Defines a path to a directory on a NetWare server. By putting a MAP command in the login script, the directory is automatically available to the user in My Computer. The drive letter can either be specified (MAP G:=) or can be relative (MAP *1= or MAP NEXT=). See Section 3.18, MAP.

  • IF...THEN: Gives statements of condition. For example, IF MEMBER OF “MANAGERS” THEN would execute the command that follows only if the user is a member of the Managers group. See Section 3.15, IF...THEN.

  • INCLUDE: Provides the name of an ANSI text file to be processed at a specific point in the login script. See Section 3.16, INCLUDE.

  • EXIT: Terminates all login script processing. EXIT is often used with IF...THEN statements. See Section 3.11, EXIT.

Information on these commands and others that you might find useful is provided in Section 3.0, Login Script Commands and Variables. Sample login scripts are located in Sample Login Scripts.