4.3 Limitations of Tree Command in Login Scripts

When a TREE command is issued from a login script and attempts to map a drive to an eDirectory tree using any login method, you will receive -1673 and 34970 errors. Do not use the Tree command in login scripts while using a login method.

When a TREE command is issued from a login script, only the default login sequence defined by the NMAS server and user’s default NMAS sequence configuration located in eDirectory is attempted. The NMAS tabbed page on the login dialog that initiated login to the first NDS tree does not control which NMAS sequence is used when the TREE command causes authentication to additional NDS trees.

If an NMAS method requires collecting a PIN or password from the user, the NMAS method user interface appears during login script processing of the TREE command. If the initial transparent login attempt by the TREE command fails, the username and password prompt that appears during login script processing does not override the NMAS sequence for logging into the additional eDirectory tree.

To log in to an additional NDS tree using a specific NMAS method, run loginw32.exe or right-click the Red N > Novell Login and log in to the additional NDS tree while specifying the required NMAS method on the NMAS page.