3.10 DRIVE

Use DRIVE to change the default drive while the login script is executing.

NOTE:This is not fully functional for the Novell Client for Linux.

If this command is not included in the login script, the default drive is set to the first network drive, which is often assigned to the user's home directory upon login.

If you don't want the default drive to be the first network drive, map a drive in the login script to the directory you want to be the default; then use the DRIVE command to change the default drive.

Instead of specifying a drive letter such as F: or G:, you can use an asterisk followed by a number n to represent the nth network drive (for example, *3). This allows drive letters to reorder themselves automatically if previous drive mappings are deleted or added.

Command Format

DRIVE [drive |*n]

Replace drive with a local or network drive letter, or replace n with a drive number. The use of either is dependent on their already being assigned within the login script.


Suppose a user will be working on only one project for several days and the files for that project are located on drive S:. Use the DRIVE command to set the default drive to S: so that the user doesn't need to change the default drive manually after each login.

First, make sure drive S: is mapped to the correct directory in the user's login script. Then add the following command to the login script: