To include explanatory text in the login script or to keep a line from being executed during testing, begin a line with REMARK, REM, an asterisk (*), or a semicolon (;). Any text that follows these symbols is ignored when NetWare Login executes the login script. Remarks do not appear on the screen.

IMPORTANT:This command and its associated text must be the only entry on a line. Placing remarks on the same line as other login script commands can cause errors.

If a remark is several lines long, begin each line with the remark keyword.

Command Format

REM[ARK] [text]


* [text]


; [text]

Replace text with the comment you want to include in the login script.


The following are examples of explanatory text that you might use with the REMARK command and its variants:

* This is Richard's login script
; Mapped network drives follow:
REM The next mapping is a fake root.
REMARK This login script is for new users.