Use FDISPLAY to show the text of a word processing file when the user logs in.

To display both the text and the printer and word processing codes of a file, or to display an ASCII file, see Section 3.9, DISPLAY.

When you use FDISPLAY to display a word processing file, the text is filtered and formatted so that only the text is displayed. FDISPLAY does not display tabs.

NOTE:If the given path does not exist or if the file is not found, no error message appears on the screen when the user logs in.

Command Format

FDISPLAY [path] filename

Replace path with either a drive letter or a full directory path beginning with the NetWare volume name.

Replace filename with the complete name (including the extension) of the file that you want to display.


Suppose you put messages in a file called sysnews.txt in the sys:public\messages directory, and you want your users to see this file on their screens when they log in on Monday.

Add the following lines to the container login script: