Creating a User Certificate

Before you begin, ensure that you have administrative or equivalent rights for creating user certificates.

  1. Click Create User Certificate under Novell Certificate Server.

    Figure 40
    Create User Certificate Wizard
  2. Click Browse to find the user for whom you are creating the certificate.

    Figure 41
    Certificate Details
  3. Specify the name of the server and the nickname for the certificate. Select the option button according to whether you want to specify parameters (Custom) or whether you want the certificate to have default parameters (Standard).

  4. Specify the Key Size (2048) and Usage details, then click Next.

  5. Specify the Certificate parameters and click Next.

  6. The summary page shows you the summary of the certificate you just created. If the information is correct, click Next. If it is not correct, click Back and modify any details as necessary.

    The user certificate will be created and you see a Success message.