Exporting User Certificates

  1. Click Modify Object under Novell eDirectory Administration, then select Single Object and then select specific User Object or specify the object distinguished name.

    NOTE:  To export the private key with the user certificate, log in as the same user in iManager.

  2. On the next page, select the Certificates tab.

    Figure 42
    Modify Object: Certificates
  3. Click Export, then click Ok to launch the Certificate Export Wizard.

  4. Mark the options according to whether you want to export the key or not. If you chose to export the personal key, provide the password.

    Figure 43
    Password for Export Key
  5. The next page displays a message indicating the export was successful, and prompts you to save it as a file or not.

  6. If you choose to save the certificate, you are prompted to save it on the local machine.