2.2 Working with Organizations

If you are an Organization Administrator, you can specify who has access to information about products, subscriptions, and other services that are listed for your organization. For information on adding organization administrators, see Section 2.3.2, Adding an Organization Administrator or an Organization User to an Organization.

The following sections provide more information:

2.2.1 How Organizations Are Created for You

In Novell Customer Center, accounts are placed into organizations. For example, an organization can represent a company and contain the systems and subscriptions registered to that company.

When you create a Novell Login account, you are added to a company’s organization if either of the following is true:

  • The subscription was purchased under a Novell contract (xLA) tied to that company

  • An Organization Administrator added you as an Entitled User, a Group Administrator, or an Organization Administrator

An organization is created for you if you

  • Register an evaluation product

  • Purchase an OEM or Red Box product and install it

  • Don’t enter a code upon registration

2.2.2 Belonging to Multiple Organizations

A user can be associated with multiple organizations in Novell Customer Center. This is useful, for example, if a reseller needs to use a single Novell Customer Center login to view and manage information for multiple customers.

A user’s role and access to information changes when switching to a different organization, based on the user’s assigned roles in that organization. For information about the available roles, see Section 1.2, Who Should Use Novell Customer Center?.

For information about how to switch to another organization, see Section 2.2.4, Viewing Another Organization.

2.2.3 Updating Organization Address Information

To change the address information for an organization:

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center as described in Section 2.1.2, Logging In to Novell Customer Center.

  2. Click Administration > Organizations in the left navigation frame.

  3. Select an organization.

  4. Click Edit or Request Change next to the Organization Information heading.

    Whether you see Request Change or Edit depends on the way your account was created. When you click the Request Change link and change your organization information, your changes are submitted to the appropriate team at Novell for review prior to being displayed in Novell Customer Center. When you click Edit, your changes are made directly.

  5. Fill in the form with the new information, then click Save (or Send).

2.2.4 Viewing Another Organization

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center as described in Section 2.1.2, Logging In to Novell Customer Center.

    If you are a member of only one organization, the name of the organization appears on the Novell Customer Center home page, above the information for that organization. In this case, you cannot view another organization.

    If you are a member of multiple organizations, a drop-down menu allows you to select the organization you want to view.

  2. Select the organization you want to view from the drop-down menu.

    The new page shows the information for the selected organization. Your role and access to information in this organization changes based on your assigned rights for this organization.

NOTE:You can switch to another organization from within several Novell Customer Center pages. For example, if you are viewing the systems for one of your organizations, you can use the drop-down menu on the Systems page to switch to the system information for another organization.

2.2.5 Requesting Access to an Organization’s Account

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center as described in Section 2.1.2, Logging In to Novell Customer Center.

  2. If you are a member of more than one organization, select Request Access Form from the organization drop-down list on any page showing the Select an Organization to Manage field.


    If you are a member of only one organization, click Administration > Organization in the left navigation frame, then select Click here to request access to an organization.

  3. Fill in the fields.

    Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

  4. Click Submit.

    The request is submitted and you are notified by e-mail if access has been granted.