3.4 Viewing an Organization’s Order History

Novell Customer Center logs your organization’s orders for Novell products, subscriptions, quotes from Novell, and services.

To view your organization’s order history:

  1. Log in to Novell Customer Center as described in Section 2.1.2, Logging In to Novell Customer Center.

  2. Click Administration > Order Tracking in the left navigation frame.

  3. (Optional) Use the filter to search for specific content, or click the column heading to reorder the list. The icon to the right of the filter fields applies the filter; the icon clears it.

  4. Double-click the order to view additional information about it.

    Order information includes contract orders placed under any associated purchase order given to Novell and the date when the order reached Novell. The table also lists any line items associated with the order and information about how they were delivered.