1.0 Overview

The NFS Gateway enables NetWare® servers to mount NFS file systems as virtual Novell Storage Services™ (NSS) volumes. Using the NFS Gateway, NetWare clients can transparently access files and directories on any NFS server system on the network.

The NFS Gateway is a Loadable Storage Services (LSS) module for NSS 3.x file systems on NetWare 6.5. The NFS Gateway mounts a shared UNIX directory as an NSS volume for NetWare users.The NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.5 has been redesigned to take advantage of the file system interface provided by NSS. This file system interface is crucial to the functioning of the NFS Gateway.

The following figure illustrates the NFS Gateway functionality.

Figure 1-1 NFS Gateway File Sharing Process

The communication between NFS Gateway and UNIX machines is over the NFS protocol. Both NFS version 2 and NFS version 3 are supported over UDP.