2.5 Loading the NFS Gateway

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2.5.1 Using iManager

The NFS Gateway Properties page of iManager lets you start the NFS Gateway.

You can either modify the NFS Gateway properties or start with the default properties. For details, see Section 7.2, Modifying NFS Gateway Properties.

On the NFS Gateway Properties page, click Start to start the NFS Gateway.

The NFS Gateway status changes from Stopped to Running.

2.5.2 Using Gystart.ncf

  1. (Optional) Customize sys:\system\gystart.ncf, which is the NetWare configuration file for the NFS Gateway, by adding additional parameters.

    If you do not specify additional parameters, the NFS Gateway loads with default parameters.

    For more information on the NFS Gateway parameters, refer to Section 2.6, Managing NFS Gateway Parameters.

  2. (Optional) Enable the NFS Gateway to mount a volume on startup by editing sys:\system\gystart.ncf.

    Add the entry for gymount based on the example provided in gystart.ncf.

  3. Start the NFS Gateway services by entering gystart at the console prompt.