Contact Management

There are two main tasks for configuring contact information. Autocompletion settings are available in the main settings tool. The other major contact configuration task is creating new contact lists.

To add a new contact list, either local or remote:

  1. Click Contacts.

  2. Click the down-arrow next to New.

  3. Select Contact List.

  4. Type a name and location for the contact group.

  5. Click Forward.

    If the contact group is stored locally, you do not need to provide any further information. Click OK.


    If you are creating an LDAP server, enter the server information as requested by the assistant:

    Server Name: The Internet address of the contact server you are using.

    Login Method: Specify whether your login is anonymous, uses an e-mail address, or uses a distinguished name. If the login is not anonymous, specify the e-mail address or distinguished name (DN) required by the server.

    Port: The Internet port Evolution connects to in order to access the LDAP database. This is normally 389.

    Use SSL/TLS: SSL and TLS are security mechanisms. If you select Always, Evolution does not connect unless secure connections are available. The default value is Whenever Possible, which uses secure connections if they are available, but does not cause failure if they are not.

    Search Base: The search base is the starting point for a directory search. Contact your network administrator for information about the correct settings.

    Search Scope: The search scope is the breadth of a given search. The following options are available:

    One: Searches the Search Base and one entry below it.

    Sub: Searches the Search Base and all entries below it.

    Timeout (minutes): The maximum time Evolution attempts to download data from the server before giving up.

    Download Limit: The maximum number of results for a given search. Most servers refuse to send more than 500, but you can set the number lower if you want to shorten downloads for very broad searches.

    Display Name: The name you want to use as a label for this folder. It can be any name you choose.

  6. Click Apply.