Working with Mail Accounts

Evolution allows you to maintain multiple accounts, or identities. When you are writing an e-mail message, you can which account to use by selecting from the drop-down list next to the From field in the message composer.

Click Send/Receive to select all mail sources that are not disabled. If you don't want to check mail for a given account, select the account in the Mail Accounts tab and click the Disable button.

To add a new account, click Add to open the mail configuration assistant. To alter an existing account, select it in the Preferences window, then click Edit to open the account editor dialog box.

The account editor dialog box has six sections.

Identity: Specify the name and e-mail address for this account. You can also choose a default signature to insert into messages sent from this account.

Receiving Mail: Select the way you receive mail. You can download mail from a server (POP), read and keep it on the server (Microsoft Exchange or IMAP), or read it from files that already exist on your desktop computer. Your server requires you to use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. You can select Always, Whenever Possible, or Never as your SSL choice. If one doesn't work, try another.

Your system administrator might ask you to connect to a specific port on a mail server. To specify which port you use, just type a colon and the port number after the server name. For example, to connect to port 143 on the server, specify as the server name.

For additional information, see Receiving Mail.

Receiving Options: Decide if you want to check for mail automatically and how often, as well as setting other message retrieval options.

For additional information, see Receiving Mail Options.

Sending Mail: Use this section to choose and configure a method for sending mail. You can choose SMTP, Microsoft Exchange (if you have installed the Evolution Connector for Microsoft Exchange), or Sendmail.

For additional information, see Sending Mail

Defaults: Use this section to set where this account stores the messages that it has sent, and the messages that you save as drafts. If you want to revert to the default settings, click Restore Defaults.

If you want to send someone a copy of every message from this account, select either Always Carbon-Copy (Cc) To: or Always Blind Carbon-Copy (Bcc) To:, and specify one or more addresses.

Security: Use this section to set the security options for this account. If you use encryption, enter your PGP key ID (see Encryption for more information) and select among the four options to determine key and signature handling.