Mail Tasks

Send and Receive Mail

Press F9, click the Send/Receive button in the toolbar, or click Actions > Send/Receive.

Navigating the Message List with the Keyboard

Press (]) or (.) to jump to the next unread message. ([) or (,) goes to the previous unread message. Use the arrow keys to move up and down in the list of all messages.

Moving the Display Up and Down in the Preview Pane

Press the Spacebar to move down a page. Press Backspace to move up a page.

Replying To a Message

To reply only to the sender of the message, click Reply in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+R.

To reply to the sender and all the other visible recipients of the message, click Reply to All or select the message and press Shift+Ctrl+R.

Forwarding a Message

Select the message or messages you want to forward, then click Forward in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+F.

Opening a Message In a New Window

Double-click the message you want to view, or select it and press Enter or Ctrl+O.

Creating Filters and Virtual Folders

Right-click a message and select Create Rule From Message. You can also create filters and virtual folders in the Tools menu.

Adding a Sender to the Address Book

Right-click a message and select Add Sender to Address Book. You can also right-click on any e-mail address to add it to your address book.