The Task List

The Task List, located in the lower right corner of the calendar, lets you keep a list of tasks separate from your calendar appointments. You can use the list in a larger window by clicking the Tasks button in the shortcut bar or in the folder tree.

To record a new task:

  1. Click New.

  2. Type a summary for the task.

  3. Select a classification and group for the task.

  4. Type a category for the task.

  5. Type a description for the task.

  6. (Optional) Specify a starting date and ending date for the task.

  7. (Optional) Specify a starting time and ending time for the task.

  8. (Optional) Click the Status tab, then specify a status for the task.

After you've added a task to your to-do list, its summary appears in the Summary section of the task list. To view or edit a detailed description of an item, double-click it, or right-click it and select Open. You can delete items by selecting them, then clicking Delete.

The list of tasks is sorted in a similar way to the list of e-mail messages in Evolution Mail. Click once on the message headers to change the direction and type of sorting, or right-click to add or remove columns from the display.

Task Groups

As with calendars, you can create multiple task groups. Task groups are more easily organized in the dedicated Tasks tool. Each task group is assigned a color, and you can use the Tasks tool shortcut bar to hide and show task groups just like calendars. In the calendar display task pad, tasks from all visible task groups appear, color coded by group. To create a new task group, select New Task Group. You are prompted for a name, color, and location for the task group. If the task group is online, you need to provide the URL for it.