Ways of Looking at your Calendar

In EvolutionTM, you can keep multiple calendars and overlay them one over the next. For example, you might have a schedule of events for work, one for home, and one for your favorite sports team. The shortcut bar lists those calendars, and you can select or deselect the boxes next to them to show and hide the appointments in your calendar view. By hiding and showing different sets of appointments, you can be sure to avoid conflicts, while keeping a minimum of clutter in your view.

Appointments for each calendar appear as a different color.

The toolbar offers you four different buttons that can show you different views of your calendar:

You can also select an arbitrary range of days in the small calendar at the upper right. To do this, click and drag on the days that you want to view in your calendar.

The Prev and Next buttons move you forward and back in your calendar pages. If you are using a week or month view, you can move by week or month. To return to today's listing, click the Today button in the toolbar.

To visit calendar entries for a specific date, click Go To and select the date in the dialog box that appears.